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Many people might have noticed the extremely high number of eBay auctions in which concert tickets for the upcoming AC/DC tour are being offered. Only a few might have realized the dimension of exploitation for the fan community though.

For this reason we have filtered out and evaluated all auctions between October 11, 2008 and November 18, 2008 in which AC/DC tickets were offered. The figures are distressing and should cause the people in charge to take action!

According to our research, 90,000 tickets are available for a total of 7 concerts in Germany of which  3.628 tickets were sold in 1,877 auctions by November 18, 2008. That's for the German branch of eBay alone.

287 auctions with over 500 additional tickets had not been completed at the point of our evaluation. This is roughly 5% of the total ticket volume which is available for the upcoming Germany tour that is to start in only 3 ½ months by the way. When adding up the many tickets which are being offered by other resellers and auction platforms and the ones which will be offered by these platforms in the next weeks, respectively, you'll probably end up with a ticket shareof around  10%, which were bought with the purpose to sell them with profit, because

  • None(!) of the 3,628 tickets were sold at the original price and merely 15 tickets (!!!) were sold for under 100 Euros.
  • In contrast about 50 tickets generated proceeds of more than 300 Euros per ticket.
  • The average price is 169 Euros which is 2.3 times the normal price.
  • Remarkable from our point of view is the fact that the 3,628 tickets were sold by 1,133 vendors. That's 3.2 tickets per vendor even though only 2 tickets were to be sold per person, according to the organizer..
    A vendor from Ubstadt takes first place with 180 tickets sold, followed by a vendor from Soest at 120 tickets and a vendor from Bochum at 58 tickets sold.

In summary the following can be said:

  • The mechanics for allocating the tickets to 2 per person have failed.
  • It can be seen that the responsible companies are not willing to take action against the purchase of concert tickets by resellers.
  • A profit of over 300,000 Euros was made by selling the 3,628 tickets on eBay alone without an actual provision of services. Obviously many people have learned from the stock exchange speculators.
  • Once again the ordinary Joe (fan) falls by the wayside because in the end the fans suffer, since many have to pay through the nose in order to be able to enjoy the live-event they have been longing for so much.

Surely we can't change the moral condition of our society but we hope to finally shake up those responsible with these clear figures which we can of course prove. Or will the magic limit of 50% in bought tickets have to be reached before anything is being done about it?

We recommend the fans note the following link. Unfortunately this is your only way of applying pressure at present Smiley.

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