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The AC/DC fan community had to wait seven years until it was announced that AC/DC would be touring Europe and therefore would also be coming to Germany. The rumour machine had been working overtime for quite some time and many fans were eagerly waiting for the announcement of the tour dates and the ticket sale that would follow. It was on 8 th October when the first dates for Europe appeared on some internet sites and one day later at 6pm, they were officially confirmed by the tour organizer. In line with this announcement (--> link) it was also said that the ticket sales were to start 41 hours later, to be precise on October 11th, 2008 at 11am. The fan community was eagerly awaiting the aforementioned "kick-off" on Saturday, but in the end everything turned out to be totally different.

Some fans had registered with one of the largest German online ticket providers for a ticket alarm and therefore received the message (--> link) on Friday, 10 October 2008, that tickets for all concerts in Germany could be booked bindingly that very evening at 8pm. Actually the hunt for the tickets started at 9pm but even this was 14 hours too early for most of the fans who only knew about the October 11th date.
Contrary to the numerous professional and private ticket resellers the real fans weren't sitting at their computers on Friday evening. The resellers stocked up on tickets all night (together with the fans who had fortunately found out about the early ticket sale in time) and shortly after the well-known internet auction houses were pleased to have numerous offers for AC/DC tickets. Ever since then more than a 1000 (!) tickets have found new owners at online auctions and normally at a price between 100 and 300 Euros..

Since these goings-on seemingly can't be stopped, several AC/DC fans have now united to found the "fans helping fans" initiative. It is our aim to provide AC/DC fans with tickets at a regular price. Unfortunately our campaign will only be a drop in the ocean but it's meant to set an example. An example which shows that apart from greed, greed for profit and unscrupulousness, there are still people who know what it's like when after seven years of anticipation and a sleepless night, somebody suddenly tells them at the final hour that all AC/DC concerts are sold out, and that even though not a single ticket was actually sold at the booking offices.

What to do now?
You can apply for one of the available AC/DC concert tickets by sending in a short story and a picture which proves that you are a true AC/DC fan and the answers for the ten expert questions. A fan jury will probably choose one of the applicants monthly.

                             The next selection will take place on January 30th 2009.

We will then pass on your name and email address to fans who will sell the ticket at the regular price (plus their extra costs such as booking fees, postage, etc.). The delivery is then to be arranged with these fans. Some fans, understandably, have already announced that they will personally deliver the ticket on the day of the concert in order to definitely avoid a resale.

You have a ticket to spare for this campaign?
We are continuously looking for fans who want to participate. Please write to us if this is the case




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